Vegetarian Restaurants in Perth

Vegetarian foods are considered healthier than other foods, and there are plenty of restaurants in Perth. Whether you want to fill your tummy with nutrition or taste some delicious vegan cuisines, your desire will be satisfied by these restaurants in Perth. These restaurants have adopted many vegan dishes on their menu. We are sure you will find something very delicious on their vegan menu. These are some of the best vegetarian restaurants in Perth.

Leake Street Cafeteria

The Leake Street Cafeteria is making a name in the vegan community with some exclusive vegan dishes. This cafeteria is the perfect getaway for vegans from the busy urban life. Their menu has many vegetarian dishes, from curry to pickles, to dried vegan dishes. They also serve some of the best salads, soups, and bagels. Surely this cafeteria is doing everything to live up to its name and glory.

Aisuru Sushi

Aisuru Sushi is a truly unique kind of vegetarian restaurant in Perth. It specializes in all the mouthwatering vegan items that you might want. This restaurant gives you a unique experience of vegan dishes. Their vegan dishes bring forth a balanced compromise of plant and meat-based dishes. One look at their menu and you will soon realize why this place is famous for its vegetarian dishes. Vegan sushi, tomato maki, petite avocado, magic mushroom roll. Doesn’t these dishes sound like they originated from particular meat-based dishes? They do, but Aisuru Sushi made them with vegetables. It is truly a unique restaurant for enjoying such excellent vegetarian dishes.

Veggie Mama

Veggie Mama is one of the best vegetarian restaurants for vegans. It is a fully dedicated vegan restaurant, serving vegetarian dishes all day and night. You can come here at any time of the day and pick your desired vegetarian dish from their menu. Their foods are tasty and healthy. You can eat to your heart’s content here, as the location and setting of the restaurant are designed to accompany your experience.

4. Mother

Want to visit the mother of all-vegetarian restaurants? Then visit the Mother restaurant at Fremantle. This restaurant specializes in vegan food and wine which is enough to make your day. This restaurant promotes health and nutrition with its healthy vegan dishes. We highly recommend you try out any dish from their lunch and dinner menu. You won’t regret a thing. Don’t be afraid to unwind a little by finishing the meal with one of their finest natural wines.

Taylor’s Café

Taylor’s Café is one of the most unique vegan cafeterias out there. It runs with the effort of a brother and sister team (Caroline Taylor and Michael Taylor). The food here is amazing and it reflects the owners’ love for food and hospitality. Happy Bowl, organic brown rice, edamame, zucchini noodles, kimchi, nori, etc., are some dishes from their menu. This restaurant can be a great choice for a family hangout.

So, these were the 5 best vegetarian restaurants in Perth that you can visit right now. Did we miss any name that you wanted on this list? Let us know!