Vascular Surgeons in Brisbane

A vascular surgeon is a highly qualified medical professional who specialises in diagnosing, treating and managing conditions that affect the blood stream. Typically their area of expertise lies in performing operations that will improve blood circulation around your body. Sadly this is something that affects a significant number of people, but luckily there are a number of excellent vascular surgeons in Brisbane who could assist you if you are unfortunate enough to be one of them. Some of the most qualified and experienced of them are outlined below.

Dr Daniel Hagley

Dr Daniel Hagley is both a vascular & endovascular surgeon who is based at Silverton Place near Wickham. Possessing international and Australian post graduate training within the realms of minimally invasive and open surgery, he strives to provide the best practices of diagnosis, surgical and non-surgical treatment options to his patients. Covering all aspects of Vascular Surgery he finds for you the most effective and least invasive of treatments possible. He also realizes that every patient is unique and therefore gives them a bespoke treatment plan.

Dr Toby Cohen

Dr Toby Cohen is one of the leading vascular surgeons in Brisbane. Specialising in endovascular and vascular surgery he is passionate about, and committed to, providing his patients with an exceptional quality of care. He achieves this by providing them with a range of treatment options that cover everything from cosmetic solutions, all the way up to the most complex of surgical procedures. A highly skilled and very knowledgeable surgeon, his major interests like in aortic aneurysm disease, minimally invasive vascular surgery, varicose veins and peripheral arterial disease.

Dr Steven Gett

Based in the Greenslopes Private Hospital Practice, Dr Steven Gett is widely considered to be an expert in vascular surgical techniques that are not just minimally invasive, but also positively influence patient outcomes. A senior vascular and endovascular surgeon who was born and raised in Brisbane, he has vast knowledge and wide experience in the field, and therefore is able to expertly diagnose and treat all vascular diseases. This includes everything from varicose veins and spider veins to excessive sweating and aortic aneurysms.

Dr Allan Kruger

Dr Allan Kruger is a Brisbane vascular and endovascular surgeon who has over 20 years of experience in all areas of vascular surgery. Maintaining a keen interest in mesenteric and aortic reconstruction, he is actively involved in the training process for other medical professionals on vascular surgery. Holding a position as examiner for the Fellow of Royal Australian College of Surgeons, he also regularly conducts tutorials to medical students. In addition he has published numerous papers and presented on various vascular related topics at conferences and other medical gatherings.

Dr Simon J Quinn

Dr Simon Quinn is well thought of as being one of the best vascular surgeons in Brisbane. Having learnt all aspects of vascular surgery during his extensive period of training across Australia, he now specialises in endovascular techniques that are open and minimally invasive. His practice in the suburb of Auchenflower incorporates the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of the whole spectrum of vascular conditions – including both venous and arterial disease. Considered an expert in his field, he has been given the Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons for his work in Vascular Surgery.