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If you are a foodie, you should know that Thai foods are one of the healthiest foods you can eat. Thai food is just one of the international cuisine options in Adelaide that uses healthy ingredients such as turmeric, lemongrass, coconut milk, and many more, which aid digestion and boost the immune system. But more than the benefits, Thai foods also use fresh ingredients and a lot of blending flavors which makes them unique and special. If you are into Thai food, we have listed below five of the best Thai restaurants in the city of Adelaide for you to visit, enjoy, and satisfy your Thai food craving.

Golden Boy

If you want to experience a contemporary Thai dining experience, you’ve got to visit Golden Boy immediately. Strategically located in the East End, which is a part of the Adelaide Central Business district, this Thai restaurant provides a Tuk-Tuk menu which is actually composed of authentic Thai dishes. And their service is not limited to delivering delicious Thai food as they have a Cellar Bar that has a substantial list of wine and other beverages for a complete dining experience. If you are looking for delicious food coupled with a great venue vibe, then visiting Golden Boy is a must when you are in Adelaide.

Star of Siam

Great experience and superb Thai food is always a perfect combination. This combo is what the Star of Siam provides to their customers. They have the best Massaman Beef Curry, Kao-Lard-Nar stir-fried chicken, and the best Pad Thai in the city. Apart from the wide range of authentic Thai dishes, this is one of the many restaurants located in Adelaide that also has an excellent wine list to match after a sumptuous meal. This long-running restaurant is accessible to anyone since it is only a 2-minute walk from the Adelaide Central Market. If you want to experience a great meal and outstanding service, the Star of Siam is your choice for authentic Thai food.

Soi38 Regional Thai Restaurant

This Thai restaurant probably had a modest and low-key venue, but they make it up with the most delicious Thai food. You will love the range of dishes inspired by the food of the northern and southern parts of Thailand, where the menu is explained region by region. And they also have an excellent wine list that will complete your Thai dining experience. However, the tasty and delicious food is enhanced by the great and wonderful service of the staff, who are always there to assist in every way they can.  So, if you are in Adelaide, dining here once will indeed be an unforgettable experience.

Social Street S2

This restaurant provides an intimate Thai dining experience for you to remember. They have the best and most authentic Thai food to satisfy your craving while having the best time. The Social Street S2 also takes pride in their very efficient and welcoming staff, ready to provide and assist in delivering your needs during the stay. And they have three branches which are strategically located in the most historical streets in the city. So, accessibility will not be a problem once you plan to visit the place. If you are looking for the best Pad Thai, Thai boneless chicken, or any other Thai food, visit Social Street S2 while you are in Adelaide.

Lemongrass Thai Bistro

The Lemongrass Thai Bistro will give you a modern Thai dining experience worth remembering. Visiting this restaurant will satisfy your longing for Thai food, from its stylish and smart venue to the delicious and modern Thai dishes. Apart from having the best pad Thai and Wagyu beef recipe, they also have a wide range of wine and imported beer to complement the delicious food. Also, their venue is very spacious, making everyone more relaxed while enjoying their delicious Thai food.