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Many people struggle with speech-related disorders that go undiagnosed at an early age. On the other hand, many small children have trouble swallowing or suffer from a cleft problem. All these issues have one common solution; speech pathologists. Speech pathologists are experts that can help with cognitive communication, assist the flow of words, get rid of small ticks, and lisps, and help with reading, listening, and even understanding. For further assistance below is a list of medical experts that we think are worth considering which are located in Adelaide.

Adelaide Speech Pathology Services

Speech delays, difficulty in articulation, and trouble with phonological awareness can all be very frustrating for children and can result in behavioral issues in the long run. Thankfully, help is easily available at Adelaide Speech Pathology Services. The establishment specializes in helping with dyslexia and is known to be very good for children and young adults with research-based treatments and therapies. They offer many services for adults such as incorporating assistive technologies to overcome hurdles to career/self-esteem. The team is extremely helpful!

Virginia Hill

Patients that are unable to make visits very often are easily catered to by Virginia Hill Speech Pathology. Offering a wide range of accessibility services from nursing-home visits, skype appointments to dynamic ways of therapy such as real-world scenarios and outside excursions; this institution offers ease and comfort to their patients.

Blossom Speech Pathology Services

A mobile-health provider, Rhianna Cheney is the face and voice of Blossom Speech Pathology Services. Miss Cheney has over five years of experience in providing mobile services all across South Australia at various locations. As she is registered for tele-health, she is able to provide online speech pathology services to clients and has been known to work closely and empathetically with families. This personal touch is very comforting for children as she has experience with the autism spectrum and speech delays.

Robyn Kentwell

A warm smile and a friendly face, isn’t that what children get comfortable with? Robyn Kentwell is a pathologist with over 25 years of experience with specialization in reading and oral issues. She helps with speech delays, difficulty in pronunciation, and any other underlying spoken issues.

Liberty Speech Pathology

If you are looking for a fun place to get therapy from, Liberty Speech Pathology incorporates various resources, many of which are extremely appealing to young people. Their staff consists of experienced personnel and recent graduates to keep it mixed. Sessions are 45 minutes long which is considered ideal for children. They hold workshops in schools, trainings and seminars to create awareness and help anyone who needs it. Consultation charges range from $161.65 to $972 (longer sessions with reports included).