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Skateboarding sometimes gets a bad rep, but it’s actually a very beneficial activity for kids and teens when done in a safe area. Skateboarding can be a great way to form new friendships, learn coordination, determination, and of course, some pretty cool tricks you can show off online! However, Sydney streets aren’t necessarily skate-friendly, and we don’t recommend that anyway, as there are too many risks and hazards involved. The good news is that there are many dedicated skate parks in Sydney that are the perfect place to master your kickflip and ollie!

Sydney Park Skate Park

Sydney Park Skate Park is located in Alexandria, and is one of the newest skate parks to be open to the public. The Sydney Park Skate Park is an expansive outdoor recreational area that caters to enthusiasts of skateboards, scooters, and BMX bikes. The Park is equipped with a massive flow bowl for advanced skaters, but there is also a beginner bowl area for those who are still getting the hang of things. Everyone is welcome in the Sydney Park Skate Park, so be sure to pay it a visit!

North Sydney Skate Plaza

The North Sydney Skate Plaza is one of the most beloved skate parks in the Sydney area. It has been a favourite spot for skaters since before 2008, when it was upgraded that year to cater to more sports and recreational activities. In 2020, the park was upgraded again to add more structures to make skateboarding more challenging and fun in the park. It’s a great pleace to practise your moves, but make sure you do it before dark—there are no lights in the park!

Bondi Skate Park

The Bondi Skate Park is famous not just in Australia but all over the world. Like its “sister attraction” Bondi Beach, Bondi Skate Park draws flocks pf tourists and loyal residents every year. It’s almost a rite of passage for any ambitious skateboarder to master the 10-foot-deep skate bowl, but beginners can get some action too in the shallower bowls and smaller skateboarding elements around the park. Don’t let the crowds deter you: it’s a great way to make new friends!

Macquarie Fields Skate Park

The Macquarie Fields Skate Park may not get points for being the most colourful, but it certainly has everything you need for a good skate session at any skill level! It features an open street course, a six-foot bowl, ledges, rails, and even some fun ladders that you can use to climb in and skate into the space! The skate park is great for beginners with its smooth paved areas, but it can also give that bit of challenge for advanced skaters with its many skating implements.

Fernside Skate Park

Fernside Skate Park was the first street-like skate park that was developed in Sydney. It looks just like a plaza, but has been dedicated solely for sateboarders and other outdoor sports enthusiasts. Skaters love its smooth blocks, ledges, and the challenging rails set up around the park. It’s a great park for beginners and those who are just looking for a little downtime in their skating; everyone can enjoy the park and safely skate according to their skill level here!