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Roller skating may have hit it’s peak in the 70’s and 80’s but there are still a few roller skating rinks in Perth where you can get your fix. Some people may start roller skating as fun, but later it has the power to become a passion for many. Besides, skating is another way to build your muscles and become more flexible. Practice skating by yourself or join a group, have fun while you’re practicing it. So, to make it a regular practice, you might want a dedicated place for it. Here are the 3 best venues for roller skating in Perth for you to get out and enjoy with a group of your best friends.

Roller Zone

Are you looking to book a room for your kid’s party? Roller Zone has it all; their specialty is Roller skating services. Roller Zone had won the people’s choice award in 2017. It is not only about the party, but if your kid is interested in beginning with their newly developed passion this month, this is your chance to get them started and believe in them. It is a family-owned business, and everything is managed friendly and professionally. Just choose the services, make a payment as entry is only $13, and you are good to join them at a given schedule or time. They follow a flat-rate approach, and you can find other payment details on the website. Other than roller skating, Roller zone is also famous for events, parties, and a coffee club for skaters. Join today, or later, you’ll be assured to get it all in one place.

Morely Roller Drome

Skating can be fun anytime, be it Saturday, Sunday night, or weekdays; all you need is the right place to practice. Morley Roller Drome is fulfilling the dream of many by offering amazing roller skating and event services. People can also plan their parties out there, enjoy skating and book their particular skating sessions. They have skate vouchers, and the booking is only $14 per person. To arrange an amazing skate party, gather the kids and surprise your child through an exceptional event at Morely Roller Drome. The place is all set to serve the skaters by all means. All you need is to get the booking, and you can enjoy the party as you love it. For customer feedback, you can visit the website. And you can also check out the Facebook reviews.


Rolloways is a leisure center, and it can accommodate around 250 people. People are required to bring their roller skates and rollerblades. The business is owned by Tone and his wife Isabelle. They don’t have their own kids; therefore, they welcome other kids to live their dream of roller skating. It’s been 33 years in the business and is committed to providing the best of its services in Perth. People can check testimonials on the website and book their evening right away. Rolloways also offers themed nights. If your kids want to make it more adventurous and enjoyable, this can be an amazing idea. Be it a school event or your kid’s special occasion. Just join the club and enjoy the time.