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So, you need legal advice related to property and real estate, and you need help with foreclosures, negotiations, coordination with the parties involved, or maybe help with zoning restrictions. If that is your case, then you are going to need one of the best Property Lawyers in Perth to help you. Perth has several outstanding firms that can assist you in settling disputes, buying properties, or any litigation over a property. The practices below will provide you with legal representation of the highest standard.

Rowe Bristol Lawyers

Rowe Bristol Lawyers, the Perth-based property lawyers with numerous property projects delivering legal advice to a variety of clients locally, nationally, and internationally. They provide a wide range of property legal services including advice regarding mortgages, purchase or sale contracts, leases, Landlord and Tenant Law, property trusts, building contracts disputes, and so on.  The lawyers pride themselves in providing excellent detailed advice, and aspire to deliver outstanding service at affordable price points.

Fletcher Law

Fletcher Law lawyers are experienced professionals residing in Perth who can assist you in buying/selling property, building your new home, planning a subdivision, or even developing or leasing commercial premises. This highly professional bunch of experts know exactly the numerous legal issues that can emerge from such situations. They can help you with a wide range of areas with previous experience in each one, areas such as: property developments, residential land subdivisions, land sales and acquisitions, commercial construction contracts, tenant/landlord disputes, default notices, legal proceedings in any Court or Tribunal (including the SAT), advice on loan and mortgage documents, and, advice on contaminated land issues.

Cullen Macleod

With considerable experience in the domain of legal property matters, Cullen Macleod Property Lawyers will provide you with professional legal assistance and a high quality conveyancing service for your commercial and residential sales and purchases. They can provide assistance for buying/selling a property, developing it, or entering into a lease either as a tenant or as a landlord. When choosing Cullen Macleod’s services, you get people such as Anton Conti, the Head of Practice for Property and Franchising. Anton is an esteemed property and commercial lawyer with over 20 years of experience in assisting business owners, property developers, property investors, and individuals.

Culshaw Miller Lawyers

Being a member of the Hunt & Hunt Group, and with a great variety of local, national, and international clients, Culshaw Miller Lawyers has worked on a wide range of projects for enterprises, rural landholders, corporate and institutional owners, property developers, and resort and hotel owners. Their property team has expertise and delivers advice on building and construction contracts, consolidation and subdivisions, acquisition and development and disposal contracts, and much more.

Summers Legal

With professional property advice and personalized service, Summers Legal achieves perfect balance when it comes to drafting solutions. Based in Perth, the exceptionally experienced commercial lawyers at the firm help clients in need of legal documents to be drafted for the intention of purchasing, selling, or leasing properties. Property transactions can be complex and they need deep knowledge and expertise to achieve the desired results, and that’s what Summers Legal believes in and facilitates.