Pottery Classes in Melbourne

Often regarded as one of the oldest forms of art in the world, there are quite a few pottery classes in Melbourne that you can sign up to. Designed for everyone from the novice beginner to the accomplished enthusiast, it’s a fun activity that really channels your creative side. If this is something you would love to do, then check out these studios below. Run by passionate and friendly artists, they will soon have you creating bowls, plates and other ornaments in no time!

The Wheelhouse

Located in South Melbourne, The Wheelhouse is a small boutique studio that prides itself on offering a fun, creative and rewarding experience to all of their customers. Providing both one-to-one and group activities to people of all skills levels, their range of activities include hand building, wheel throwing and also more specialised workshops. All new students are taught the basics of using the potter’s wheel, whilst more experienced students work on their techniques for clay, surface, form and glaze materials.

Carlton Arts Centre Pottery School

Established in 1975, the Carlton Arts Centre Pottery School runs some of the best pottery classes in Melbourne for novices, intermediate and more advanced students. One of the oldest forms of art, the classes are run by a friendly and knowledgeable team of instructors who will teach you how to make hand or wheel built ceramics in a relaxed, patient and inviting atmosphere. They have four terms scheduled per year and each of the terms lasts for seven weeks. The classes themselves run for three hours.

Brixton Street Pottery

Over in Flemington, Brixton Street Pottery is a fabulous ceramic studio that is run by teacher and artist Gordon Hickmott. Highly skilled, he has nearly 50 years of experience as a ceramic artist and some 25 years’ experience in teaching it. Known for his large, stoneware and terracotta bowls, he runs classes and tuition from his Flemington studio. He teaches people in all aspects of pottery and ceramics and has a particular interest in the Japanese traditions of these forms of art.

Slow Clay Centre

Situated in Collingwood, the Slow Clay Centre offers classes that showcase the craft, art and expression of ceramics. Run within an inviting, warm and charming space that is bathed in lovely natural lighting, the teachers here impart their knowledge in a patient, friendly and informative way. Specialising in both ceramic art and pottery education, they offer a developmental pathway that will take you all the way from a novice to a seasoned professional. With a range of classes that covers everything from form and surface hand to more extensive studio practice programmes.

Urban Clay

Urban Clay runs some of the most well-attended pottery classes in Melbourne.  Taking place at their premises in the Melbourne suburb of Highett, this artist-run ceramic studio provides a creative, relaxed and fun way for people to learn pottery wheel throwing classes. Aiming to develop in you the basic skills of working with clay, while congruently embracing the potential of your own personal creativity, these classes are also a great way to meet like-minded people who share a common interest.