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Looking for somewhere to get your next piercing? Well, thankfully there are a number of fabulous piercing places in Perth for you to choose from. Specialising in everything from standard piercings to more advanced and customised work the studios below all offer wide expertise and high skill when it comes to puncturing any part of your body. Representing some of the best piercers in the business, if you are looking for safe, hygienic and friendly places to get your next incision, these are the places to go.

Opal Heart – Professional Body Piercing

Opal Heart is one of the most established body piercing joints in Perth. Located on Hay Street, within the heart of the CBD, these guys present high-quality jewellery options and services for all your body art needs. Open 7 days a week they have been a stalwart on the Perth piercing scene since opening up in 2013. Employing a team of four, the thriving studio has a relaxed and friendly ambience and cute trinkets as part of its decor.

Off Ya Tree Perth

As well as being one of the best body piercing places Perth has to offer, Off Ya Tree Perth also offers a fantastic range of alternative clothing, body jewellery and accessories. Originally founded in the 1970s, the store now has a number of branches across the country. But the one in the CBD on Hay Street is a great place in Perth to get your piercings done. Highly skilled, their punktured piercers provide an excellent range of standard, advanced, and customised piercings for you to choose from.

Angel Body Jewellery and Piercing

Situated in the Westfield Carousel, Angel Body Jewellery and Piercing is a wonderful piercing studio. Offering piercing that features implant grade and internally threaded jewellery, they stock a wide selection of brands including Neometal, BVLA, Body Gems, Anatometal and Junipurr. Their body jewellery is also available in different metals, as well as finishes and style variations. For those who like to be different, they also offer ColourVUE contact lenses which include full and mini sclera, as well as colour changers and also wild eye crazy lenses.

Primitive Tattoo

Established way back in 1997, don’t let the name Primitive Tattoo fool you. This full-service body modification studio also does professional body piercing too. Based in the Perth CBD, on the corner of Wellington and Barrack Street, as well as in Singapore too, these guys specialise in both traditional hand and machine tattooing, as well as fine branding and bead implants. They boast some of the best artists and piercers in the business and also adhere to strict cleanliness and hygiene guidelines for their clients.

The Piercing Places

Of all The Piercing Places Perth has to offer, few can compare with the aptly named The Piercing Places. Located in Fremantle, they boast one of the most renowned body piercers in Australia as their head piercer. The business has been providing stylish and artistic piercings for over 25 years and all of their professional team have in-depth knowledge and mad skills. They also adhere to 100% safety practices and provide a relaxed and vibrant atmosphere that settles the nerves of even the most anxious client.