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Do you  have a pet? Do you want to get them food and accessories that will suit their needs? It is incredibly difficult to get proper pet care resources, but that’s where pet shops come in. Pet stores help match families with the correct products for the right pets. Below you can find some of the best pet shops in Perth, Australia. If you ever want to get a pet to accompany you through thick and thin, you should contact the following stores for advice and resources for their needs:

My Pet Warehouse

My Pet Warehouse is an Australian-based pet retailer that stocks a huge range of pet supplies and accessories sold online and in-store as well. They have over 40 locations across Australia, and the Best Friends pet group is one of Australia’s favorite pet retail and healthcare providers. Their online store has one of the biggest selections of pet food in Australia, which also includes veterinary and prescription diet foods. Moreover, they are also conveniently located in 4 of Australia’s largest metro areas: Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne.

Select Pets

Known throughout Perth (Australia) for their large selection of quality pet food, products, and accessories, Select Pets don’t disappoint. If you ever want to add a new member to the family or have a question about your pet’s health, then Select Pets is the store for you. It caters to all your pet requirements, and Select Pets takes great pride in its facilities and promises to do all it can to ensure the pets are well looked after. They can also help you to properly care for your pets, as all Select Pets staff are experienced in the pet industry. They can help you take care of your pets so that they can be healthy, happy, and cheerful for years to come.

Pet City

As the name “Pet City” implies, this store is one of the best for meeting all of your pet-related needs and offers a wide range of quality and brand-name pet supplies.established in Balcatta, Western Australia in 1988 by Kim Peries and since that time have grown into 14 great pet city superstores with over 100 qualified and friendly staff who can help with all your news and provide useful professional advice and customer service.

Pet Barn

If you want to find a well-known pet store in Perth (Australia), Pet Barn is the way to go. With one of the biggest ranges of pet food in Australia, not to mention a wide range of veterinary products and accessories as well, They believe that health and wellness isn’t about one thing, but instead, it’s about everything you need to care for your pet both physically and mentally, and they pride themselves on always dishing out the correct advice for pet food. Moreover, they also have the best and ideal toys for your pet’s busy life, which are carefully designed to keep them stimulated and physically active. With appropriate guides and needed care and accessories for various animals, this is the pet store to go to.

  • 248 Leach Highway Showrooms 7A & 7B, Melville Shopping Center, Myaree WA 6154
  • Phone: (08) 6430 5419.. 1300 655 896

Pet Magic Cannington:

They pride themselves on their unbeatable level of professionalism and animal care. Pet Magic Cannington in Perth (Australia) is the pet shop to go to for products to help nurture your pet. Pet Magic was born in 1994 and it ushered in the new era of larger, cleaner, and brighter shops, creating an amazing and worthwhile shopping experience for everybody. With products and valuable advice that can help your pet be more comfortable and meet all its needs, Pet Magic strives to maintain the highest level of animal and fish care possible.