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As a parent, you want your child to be in the best hands. Choosing the right paediatrician is key when it comes to the health and wellness of your child. Although selecting a paediatrician may be a difficult decision for parents, the process does not have to be as daunting as it might seem. Luckily, in Perth, you are blessed with a plethora of experienced paediatricians ranging from general paediatrics to those specialising in specific conditions.

Perth CDC

Perth CDC boasts a team of experienced Paediatricians who specialise in Developmental and Behavioural Paediatrics. The three paediatricians on site are supported by a larger team of physiotherapists, occupational therapists, clinical psychologists and speech therapists. The paediatrics team at Perth CDC provide personalised plans to well-being suited to the needs of the individual child, as opposed to a one-size-fits-all treatment approach to paediatrics.

  • Suite 1, Level 1, Medical Centre, Saint John of God Hospital, Corner Ellesmere Rd & Thirlmere Road, Mount Lawley, WA 6050
  • Phone: (08) 6153 4535

Perth Paediatrics

Looking for an array of paediatric health services in one place? Look no further than Perth Paediatrics, the first multispecialty paediatrics clinic of its kind in Western Australia. Perth Paediatrics provide a wide array of services including but not limited to; medical services, surgical services and allied health services. Recently acquiring renowned paediatrician and senior lecturer at Curtin University Chia Saw, Perth Paediatrics is sure to provide high-quality care for all of your health needs.

Murdoch Paediatrics

Conveniently located in the Wexford Centre of Saint John of God’s Hospital, Murdoch Paediatrics provide both specialist paediatrics and surgical care for patients. With a larger team of more than five paediatricians and paediatric specialists, Murdoch Paediatrics offer services related to nephrology, newborn and infant care, gastroenterology, general newborn and infant care hepatology and neurology.

Dr David Roberts Paediatrics

Dr David Roberts, an experienced paediatrician of more than 30 years, is supported by a close team of paediatric specialists working from his private practice in Joondalup. Dr Roberts is an expert in his field, specialising in the diagnosis and management of ADHD and Autism in children. With his many years of experience, Dr Roberts is often referred patients from local General Practitioners with complex medical conditions, requiring a higher level of treatment.

Dr Ian Everitt Paediatrics

One of Perth’s leading Paediatricians Dr Ian Everitt operates a small private practice in the suburb of Warwick in Perth. With more than 30 years of experience, including co-authoring foundational paediatric textbooks, Dr Everitt is well regarded in the field of paediatrics. The good doctor specialises in neonatal care and emergent infant conditions.