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Hey parents! We know how hard it can be to find a good dentist for your little ones. Many children have a fear of the dentist; however, dental care is important and should not be postponed. Finding the right paediatric dentist who makes your child feel comfortable while improving their dental health should be a priority for any parent. We’ve compiled a list of the best paediatric dentists in Melbourne to assist you with choosing the right one.

Dr Deb Wong Paediatric Dentist

Dr Deb. Wong is a well-regarded paediatric dentist, operating out of a small private clinic in the west of Melbourne. Combining her multiple degrees in psychology and paediatric dentistry, Dr Wrong is adept at calming children who may be fearful of receiving dental treatment. The philosophy at the clinic is to create a comfortable and familiar environment for children and their parents alike, so they have a blanket policy where all patients must have an initial consultation before treatment is performed.

Melbourne Paediatric Dentistry

Melbourne Paediatric Dentistry is led by an esteemed specialist Paediatric Dentist by the name of Dr Rana Yawary. Dr Yawary treats a multitude of various general dentist conditions; however, she specialises in complex restorative management, Special Needs dentistry and dental trauma management. The clinic boasts free on-site parking, but is also easily accessible via public transport as it is close to multiple bus lines, tram lines and train lines.

Camberwell Children’s Dentistry

Located in the central-eastern suburb of Camberwell, Camberwell Children’s Dentistry provides specialised dentistry care for children of all ages. They offer in-clinic, both with and without sedation as well as dental surgery under general anaesthesia at local hospitals, if the situation requires it. At Camberwell Children’s Dentistry, they go the extra mile for all patients providing many auxiliary services such as dental dietary and oral hygiene advice, long term treatment planning-including orthodontic and other specialist referrals as well as care and management of dental disease.

Kew Paediatric Group

Conveniently located in the inner-city suburb of Kew, Kew Paediatric Group is dedicated to providing dental care while ensuring a positive experience for children who may be timid or scared of the dentist. They provide a range of treatments including general dentistry, trauma and emergency management, molar hypomineralisation management, zirconia (aesthetic) crowns, custom mouthguards, diet and snacking analysis, and management of oral habits such as thumb-sucking, oral hygiene habits and cavity prevention.

Kiddies Dental Care

With a large team of paediatric specialists, Kiddies Dental Care offers exceptional dentistry treatment for children of all ages. They offer general paediatric dentistry but also specialise in the treatment of thumb-sucking, treatment of tongue tie and orofacial myofunctional therapy. They understand that visiting a dentist can be a daunting experience for children, so they focus on building rapport with patients before treatment and offering the use of happy gas to ensure kids have a relaxing and positive experience.