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Turkey is famed for its kebabs, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Turkish food. Canberra has a great selection of International cuisines to choose from, and Turkish is just one of them that you can enjoy. Turkish cuisine is well-known for its kebabs and köfte, but it goes much beyond that. While kebabs and köfte are the most renowned meals since Turkish cuisine is mostly meat-based, with the southeast mocked for eating kebap for breakfast. Traditional Turkish cuisine depend on delectable fresh ingredients that are rolled, kneaded, and cooked to perfection with care, attention, love, and just the right amount of spice! Let’s check out some of the best Turkish/Ottoman restaurants in Canberra if you want to have a taste of this amazing meat-based cuisine and their mouth-watering desserts.

Zeytin Turkish Cuisine

Zeytin Turkish Cuisine aims to broaden the scope of Turkish cuisine in Canberra beyond Halal Snack Packs and doner kebabs. Their cuisine combines classic and contemporary flavors, including Turkish meze dishes and banquets to share, grilled meats and seafood, salads with wine, and imported Turkish raki and beer. Zeytin serves up excellent Turkish as you’ve never experienced it before, with lavish interior décor and a dedicated head chef with many years of expertise in Canberra under his belt.

Origin Turkish Kitchen

Origin Turkish Kitchen, located in the heart of Manuka / Canberra, offers a first-rate cultural experience with excellence in services and dining that captures the essence of Northern-Western Turkish cuisine. Origin Turkish Kitchen’s excellent service quality and traditional ambience have quickly made it a favorite among Canberra and Manuka residents. Delicious food with a touch of Turkish charm for enjoyable dinner parties or birthday celebrations for your private parties, such as birthday parties, business events, corporate functions, Christening, retirement celebrations, business events and presentations, meetings, wedding parties, and hen’s night parties.

Alaras Turkish Pide House

Alara’s Turkish Pide Grill House is located close to Chinatown. Visit this restaurant if you like Turkish food with an Australian touch. Salads, beef kebabs, and grilled lamb are available at Alaras Turkish Pide Grill House. They also have an amazing selection of a fan-favorite dessert; Baklava! Takeout is available at this location. Many visitors to this Canberra based restaurant appreciate how courteous the staff is at this restaurant. Clients unanimously agree on amazing service. The prices at this eatery are said to be reasonable. The décor is fantastic, as many guests have said. People can relax in the peaceful ambiance of Alaras Turkish Pide Grill House.

Turkish Halal Pide House

When it comes to Canberra landmarks, the Yarralumla kebab shop has always been a favorite. It’s no wonder that eating a Yarra kebab is a way of life in Canberra – the Turkish Halal Pide House is fast-paced, inexpensive, and reliably good. Choose from their large selection of pides and sides, or create your own doner kebab, and have a fulfilling and excellent meal while eating on the street. As Islam is the dominant religion in Turkey; it means that Halal food is a classic sign of the authenticity of any Turkish restaurant.