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Fitness experts and celebrities alike have been known to introduce fascinating medicinal treatments and one such medicinal treatment is osteopathy. Osteopathy has been around since the 1800s and has been considered an effective, therapeutic way to target and ease pain in the body. Osteopathy involves massaging, stretching, and exercising the body’s muscles and joints as gently as possible reportedly to get the blood flow, muscle function, ligaments, and connecting nerves to work fluidly. If you are looking for a reputable medical practitioner, presented below is a list of the best Osteopaths available in Adelaide.

Adelaide Osteopathy

From children, pregnant women to athletes and the elderly; Adelaide Osteopathy claims to be able to treat patients of all ages and ailments. The facility offers individualized treatment plans to assist the healing processes for each patient provided by qualified practitioners who are available to assist with recovery and rehabilitation. Their services include treatment for sciatica, back pain, migraines, knee troubles, and pregnancy-related discomfort. Treatments vary as per diagnosis and can include dry needling. Initial appointments may be priced at around $150.

The BodyWorx

Headed by Dr. Deepak Yagnik who has 30 years of experience in practicing and teaching/training Osteopathy, BodyWorx claims to find answers to the root cause of the issue, why other treatments failed versus how this particular clinic can be helpful. A convenient service which they provide is the same-day appointment. The team at BodyWorx consists of Osteopaths, Ayurvedic doctors, and massage experts due to whom they also provide excellent remedial massages. Your body is literally in good hands!

Flex Osteopathy Adelaide

If you are looking for a friendly, soothing atmosphere, Flex Osteopathy offers a variety of treatments. Your appointed Osteopath will start by conducting a thorough history and assessment. Once the problems are identified the best course of action can be recommended and all details fully disclosed to the patient. Their techniques include massage, soft tissue manipulation and other affective measures. They advise their clients to wear loose and comfortable clothing for ease in assessment, clinical tests, exercise, and stretching.

Kensington Osteopathy

The longest established clinic in Adelaide, Kensington Osteopathy has been providing services for over ten years with excellent results. They offer a wide variety of treatments for musculoskeletal issues with their initial appointment starting from $120 for 60 minutes to standard appointment of $91 for 30 minutes. Their treatment is covered by private health insurance as well as Veteran Affairs, Work Cover and Medicare Chronic Disease Management program. For the best Osteopathic treatment money can buy, Kensington Osteopathy is your clinic.

Blackwood Osteopathy Adelaide

Blackwood Osteopathy incorporates a holistic approach to treating muscular and tissue complications. Their team has practitioners with over 20 years of combined experience.
Treatments are available for ailments such as Scoliosis, migraines, sciatica, and acute chronic pains. The facility offers HICAPS (most insurance) and EFTPOS (Electronic funds transfer at point of sale) with initial consultation priced at $150 and returns consultation at $100. The Workcover subsequent consultation costs $92.4 and an initial $125.2. To begin the best treatment, book your appointment today.