Neurologists in Sydney

Finding a competent doctor, especially if you need a specialist, may be a difficult and intimidating process. Even if we all try our hardest to take care of our bodies, things can sometimes get out of hand, requiring the help of an expert such as a neurologist. We believe it is important to be well informed when selecting a neurology expert, so we have compiled a list of the five most highly respected neurologists to assist you in selecting one who meets your needs. Let’s take a closer look.

Sydney Neurology

The clinic, where you can pick from 15 different doctors and professors, each specializing in their own field, is a center of excellence for outpatient neurological care as well as a focus for clinical neurology research, with a focus on neuroinflammatory illnesses like multiple sclerosis. According to the patient’s experience, they are well-informed and supported, and they are given the best possible care and compassion.

Harbour Neurology Group

The Harbour Neurology Group is an integrated care clinic that specializes in memory loss, dementia, and other cognitive diseases. Also for patients with stroke, epilepsy, neuropathy, MS, spinal cord diseases, etc., including Parkinson’s disease. Dr. Alexis Selby is a great neurologist, according to one patient. She is known for being efficient and sympathetic, as well as willing to listen and adjust treatment to the patient’s needs.

Spark Neurology

Professor Susan Tomilson is a highly respected clinical and academic neurologist with wide experience in general neurology and clinical interests in headache, seizures, neuropathy, and other neurological disorders, and dr Ellisheva Vissel, a clinical neurologist and neurophysiologist consulting in general neurology with an interest in cognitive disorders like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, run this clinic. Dr. Vissel is also specialized in migraines and may treat them with botulinum toxin when necessary.

Sydney North Neurology and Neurophysiology

This clinic was founded by dr. Karl Ng, a well-known professor at the University of Sydney, who ensures that all necessary tests are performed in order to determine the correct diagnosis for his patients. While receiving treatment at his facility, he makes sure that customers feel secure and appreciated. Even if you have to wait a little longer than expected for your booked appointment because there is always a lengthy line, you will be treated with care by experts.

O’Neill John Hugh

This is a Catholic organization whose mission is to deliver God’s love to those who are in need. They provide multidisciplinary health treatment, compassionate community services, teaching, and research to those in need. It is a part of a multidisciplinary center of excellence that is a link between research and patient care. The St Vincent’s Clinic Foundation empowers highly talented doctors and researchers to shape the future of medicine with real-world practice, and to influence patient care, through a dual-sided bench-to-bedside approach.