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There is no doubt that museums are built to educate the people. It is an informal way to learn and gather information about the past through the items being exhibited. But more than the learning, museums also will make you inspired to build new ideas and create new perspectives based on what you learn. The city of Brisbane is home to a number of museums that showcase the city’s history and culture. We have compiled five of the best museums in this city for you to visit once you are in Brisbane.

Museum of Brisbane

If you want to learn more about the city’s culture, history, and art, you need to visit the Museum of Brisbane. Their various exhibits, workshops, and other special events will make you celebrate and explore Brisbane’s beautiful places, people, and stories. The Museum of Brisbane opened nearly 20 years ago; the museum has been an excellent source for people to explore contemporary and historic Brisbane, including its people. Learn more about the culture and history of Brisbane by visiting this museum immediately.

Queensland Museum

The Queensland Museum is the state museum of Queensland and is considered one of the most visited museums in the country. So, if you are a museum enthusiast who likes to learn more about cultural heritage, natural history, and even Science, the Queensland Museum will be a perfect place to learn and explore. They feature different types of exhibitions, events, and other activities dedicated to what this museum brings to its visitors. This establishment is a must-visit when you are in Brisbane.

Sparklabs Sciencentre

The Sciencentre is a collection of different exhibits which will provide hands-on learning for kids interested in Science and other related topics. If you have kids who want to be an inventor or a scientist, you need to bring them to the Sciencentre to let them experience their interactive way of learning. Apart from different Science shows, the kids will also experience hands-on experiments and demonstrations to provide a unique way of learning for the kids. So, if you want your kids to be a scientist someday, you’ve got to bring them to the Sciencentre.

Queensland Police Museum

Museum-lovers will find the Queensland Police Museum unique because of what it brings to them. The museum was established more than a hundred years ago and will allow you to see documents and other items collected and preserved to showcase the policing history in the State of Queensland. Located on the ground floor of the Queensland Police headquarters, you will see some unsolved murder files, real evidence, and many more.

Workshops Rail Museum

If you are in Ipswich, you need to visit the Workshops Rail Museum because of what it provides to every visitor. This museum is unique in its own right because it was once the workplace of over 3000 railway workers. When you visit this place, you will need to go to the historical Timekeepers building making this museum so historic as it features the nation;’s oldest operating railway workshop. You will be amazed by the history and the real heritage of this oldest but functioning railway workshop.