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Some people mistake cars for being a one-off purchase; the truth is, they are a real investment, and require proper, regular maintenance to keep running at their best. While some people are comfortable with DIY-ing some small repairs, we always recommend having an expert mechanic on-call for things that require more than just garage-mechanic know-how. In some cases, having a professional mechanic do the job from start to finish might even be cheaper and cost you less time. If you’re a car owner looking for a good mechanic in Perth, Western Australia, check out our list of recommendations below!

Ultra Tune Rockingham

Ultra Tune started in 1979 in Victoria, and quickly expanded across the country, including several locations in Perth, Western Australia soon after. Ultra Tune was famous for its “Dyno Tune” technology, which allowed for super-fast servicing of cars in their franchise locations. These days, Ultra Tune is the go-to mechanic centre for nearly every after-care service a car owner can think of, from repair and maintenance, brakes servicing, and even roadside assistance. For carowners in Perth, the Ultra Tune Rockingham branch can service all your car needs.

Midas Midland Tyre & Auto Service

Midas is a proud Australian company that has been in the auto services industry for more than 40 years. Their roots started as exhaust and muffler specialists, but over the years they have gone to include a myriad of different offerings, from car services to all your tyre needs. Their Midas Midland Tyre & Auto Service franchise location is available for all Perth, Western Australia customers who want to experience the high quality and efficient workmanship of the trusted Midas name.

Auto Masters Perth City

Auto Masters is one of the top car specialists in Australia. With over 70 locations across Australia, they have become one of the go-to mechanic companies for anyone who wants to keep their car in top shape. Auto Masters believes that a car service should include a thorough check of the vehicle to ensure all problems, even minor ones, are addressed before they become more difficult to fix. Good news for carowners in Perth: you have your pick of many branches nearby, one of them being Auto Masters Perth City!

Auto Masters Perth Northbridge

Auto Masters Perth Northbridge carries the same promise of quality and class workmanship you can expect from all Auto Masters franchises across Australia. Their Northbridge franchise is conveniently located near the Perth City location, so you can have your pick of the two centres should your car need servicing. Like all Auto Masters locations, they offer a comprehensive roster of car services and diagnostics, and are experienced in working with all kinds of car brands, from Asian to European makes.

German Auto Service

German Auto Service is an experienced auto service repair centre that specialises in German mark vehicles such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, and Volkswagen. With delicate car brands like these, it’s important to go to a servicer that knows exactly how to repair and work with any possible issues to help your car reach their full potential. With an expertly-trained fleet of master technicians and mechanics, German Auto Service is the top-of-mind choice for anyone in Perth who wants to ensure quality service at an affordable cost.