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There are many reasons to try Malaysian food whilst dining out in Adelaide, but the rich combination of ingredients and delicious taste is something every foodie must look up to. Malaysian cuisine is actually a mix of  Malay, Chinese, and Indian cooking styles, and its unique blend of influences makes the food burst with flavor and taste. If you are food lover in Adelaide and want to try Malaysian food at its finest, we have listed five of the top Malaysian restaurants in Adelaide – South Australia’s capital city.

PappaRich Adelaide

PappaRich is home to various authentic Malaysian dishes ranging from noodles, rice dishes, Rotis and even vegetarian dishes. This Malaysian restaurant also offers an array of drink options to complete your meal. I like the accessibility of this eating place located in the Chinatown precinct. This location is just a few minutes away from key locations such as the Adelaide Central Market. If you want to enjoy tasty Malaysian food in the heart of Adelaide, this restaurant is a must-try as they are open seven days a week.

Kopi Tim Restaurant

The Kopi Tim Restaurant offers a cozy Malaysian feel inside the city. But if you are looking for tasty and delicious traditional Malaysian dishes at an affordable rate, then this restaurant is a must-visit for you. From chicken rice, hookien noodles, and even a cup of tea Tarik, spending your time in this restaurant will make you feel at home in Malaysia, right in the heart of Adelaide. They also have an excellent selection of drinks and desserts to make your Malaysian food cravings fully satisfied. The Kopi Tim Restaurant is actually the closest taste you can have when it comes to the food cooked in Malaysia.

Mamak Corner

Mamak Corner may not have the most prominent place for a restaurant, but they certainly make it up by serving delicious and authentic traditional Malaysian food. The food at this Adelaide dining establishment is also affordable, but what sets this restaurant apart is the care and the attention of the staff. If you are looking for the best Roti or craving other Malaysian local food and beverages, the Mamak Corner will surely make you fully satisfied without spending too much. You will never be disappointed once you visit their tiny but cozy restaurant right in the heart of the city.

Malacca Corner

The Malacca Corner combines excellent taste and value for the money. This restaurant also has the best authentic Malaysian cuisine that you can find in Adelaide. Impressive is the quality of food and the services being offered by their hospitable staff. You can really tell that the food is fresh and delicious. This restaurant has the best Laksa soup and Mee Goreng in this part of Australia. Located at the Central Market, the Malacca Corner is a hidden gem for anyone looking for authentic Malaysian food in Adelaide.

Miss Malay

This restaurant offers the most unique and delicious Malaysian dishes you can eat. But what makes this restaurant unique apart from its delicious food is the simplicity and the casual feel. Ordering their seafood Kuey Teow or the Sarawak Laksa will make you feel the authentic Malaysian taste you crave. But aside from the traditional dishes, this restaurant also offers specialty food to those looking for variation. Located on King William Street, this Malaysian restaurant is a must-visit for anyone who likes authentic and tasty Malay food in Adelaide.