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Authentic Korean food is hard to beat! A nice Sweet Chili Fried Chicken, some Spring Rolls, and some Fried Rice, you simply can’t go wrong. But don’t worry! You won’t have to travel to Korea to get a taste of their food! There are many great Korean restaurants in and around Brisbane for you to enjoy. Meat options, vegetarian and vegan options, kids menus, buffets, and much more, there is something for everybody at Brisbane’s Korean restaurants. From a quick lunch to a lengthy dinner, there are options to suit everyone’s timeframe and budget, so why not treat yourself to a little something special at one of Brisbane’s top Korean restaurants!


Established back in 2011 Maru specializes in authentic Korean BBQ food. Open seven days a week, Maru serves lunch and dinner, so whether you are after a lunchtime snack or a dinner time meal Maru has got you covered. Maybe try a spicy rice cake or some spicy boneless fried chicken with cheese. Either way, Maru is almost guaranteed to have something that you will like. If you are feeling like you deserve a treat then maybe try some of their award-winning Wagyu beef, don’t worry if you are a vegetarian, they have plenty of vegetarian and vegan options too! So give them a ring and book yourself a table, who knows, this may become your new favorite place to eat!

Korilla BBQ Restaurant

Are you looking for authentic Korean BBQ food? Well, if so then you are in luck, Korilla BBQ restaurant specializes in all things Korean BBQ! Open seven days a week, Korilla BBQ Restaurant has an extensive menu that includes things like Teriyaki Salmon, Honey Chilli Chicken, Wagyu Teriyaki, and much more. Do you want to go in a group or as a family? Not a problem, why not try one of their delicious BBQ sets, it’s enough to feed between three and four people. Korilla BBQ Restaurant also caters to large bookings, so you can make a booking for work functions, birthdays, and any other event that you can think of. Have a look at their website below and book yourself a table!

Funny Funny Korean Restaurant

Funny Funny is a Korean restaurant and pub located in the middle of Brisbane. They cater to those who want to eat in, and for those who want to order a takeaway. Open six days a week, Tuesday through Sunday. They don’t close until 1:30 AM so they are a great place for a late-night takeaway after a night out on the town! Maybe try their specials, they have a different special depending on the day of the week, from Fried Chicken on a Wednesday to a Pork Hotpot on a Sunday, they are definitely worth a try! They also have a large list of specials, maybe try their Bulgogi or Kimchi, Pork & Tofu. Check out their website for a look at their menu.

Hanwoori Restaurant

Hanwoori Restaurant is open seven days a week 5:30 PM to 10:00 PM. They offer both the ability to eat in and takeaway so it’s very easy to pick yourself up a little treat! Check out their website and have a read of their Hanwoori buffet menu. Bulgogi, Ttokbokki, Japchae, Octopus, Tubu Chobab. If it’s Korean, then they have it! They offer vegan and vegetarian options as well as gluten-free, so they can cater to most dietary needs, if you aren’t sure if they can cater to your needs then give them a ring. The friendly staff over at Hanwoori are always eager to help. So book your reservation today and give yourself an authentic Korean experience!