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One of the reasons Japanese people have one of the greatest life expectancies in the whole world is the food they eat. Japanese cuisine is one of the healthiest foods based on fresh and unprocessed ingredients. Below we present to you some of the very best restaurants in Adelaide with a focus on Japanese cuisine which offer the same healthy and delicious food that everyone can try while in the city. You will enjoy the good food while learning some Japanese eating rituals and habits to make a unique and wonderful experience.


Shoboso is a multi-awarded Japanese restaurant home to the best yakitori and other grilled Japanese food in the city. Located at one of the popular malls in the city, the Ashton House 15, this Japanese restaurant captivates your stomach and satisfies your craving for Japanese food. Open seven days a week for lunch and dinner, this restaurant combines world-class Japanese dishes, excellent service, and a great atmosphere to make your visit a memorable one.

Gyoza Gyoza

Dining in Gyoza Gyoza will enable you to experience a Japanese Izakaya style bar right in the heart of the city. This Japanese restaurant is comparable to a pub that combines authentic Japanese food, excellent drinks, and a great atmosphere to complete your Japanese dining experience. This restaurant will let you order small plates of different Japanese dishes at affordable pricing.  They have the best takoyaki and prawn gyoza and other delicious Japanese food. Located just 3 minutes away from the Adelaide Central Market, this Japanese restaurant will give you the best Japanese traditional food at an affordable price.

Ramen & Izakaya Himeji

Owned by Mr Shozo Ikeda, who has a reputation for introducing Japanese cuisine and culture to the city, this restaurant will let you experience Japanese dining in a modern setting. They have the best noodles, sushi, and other dishes to let you taste genuine and authentic Japanese traditional food. And they have the best and most professional service staff ready to assist with anything you need. Only a 2-minute walk from the Adelaide Central Market where you will find a multitude of quality dining options, experience a Japanese ambience and atmosphere while enjoying their delicious Japanese food.

Sushi Planet

The Sushi Planet claims to have the best sushi in all of Adelaide. And they have the right to do so as they make it fresh as you order. But what is unique about this Japanese restaurant is its ambience and a great atmosphere which complements its delicious food. This neat and clean little restaurant provides unique wooden benches and outdoor tables to give you an exceptional Japanese dining experience. The menu comes with different options, but their sushi and yakitori are highly recommended because they will really surprise your taste buds.

Wasai Japanese Kitchen

If you love sushi, sashimi platters, and other Japanese home-cooked meals, this restaurant is a must-visit. The internal decoration may be limited and scarce, but it is negated by the delicious and authentic Japanese food and the staff’s excellent service. Accessibility will also not be a problem because this restaurant is only a 3-minute walk from the Adelaide Central Market. Wasai Japanese Kitchen provides exceptional service while providing an excellent value for your money.