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There are no limitations when it comes to the healthy benefits of eating Italian foods. After all, this international cuisine is loaded with healthy ingredients that are good for the health of everybody. As we list the top Italian restaurants in Adelaide, you will be in awe of the simplicity and the uniqueness of many Italian dishes. But it does not mean that it lacks the taste and the flavors because I can guarantee that you will have the best time when trying out an Italian dining experience.

La Trattoria Restaurant & Pizza Bar

This restaurant has the tradition of making the best pizza on this side of the city. Their unique pizza recipe has been passed by generations and has gained a lot of patronage throughout the years. The family-run restaurant serves the best pizza and a wide range of traditional Italian dishes. Combining it with an excellent family atmosphere and a simple dining room will make the experience something to remember.

Osteria Oggi

This Italian restaurant opened seven years ago and has been cooking the best Italian dishes in the whole of Adelaide. You will be impressed by their handmade pasta as it is made fresh every day. They also have an excellent selection of wine and cheese to complement the best Italian dishes they are offering. The venue itself is impressive, using a modernized decor while combining with the most helpful and attentive staff to make you feel like you are in Italy.

Bocelli Caffe Ristorante

If you want to experience Italian dining in a modern setting with large windows and outdoor tables, this Italian restaurant is a must-try. This diner’s specialty is the Cucina Povera food and dishes, which is a traditional cooking style in rural Italy. Like many of the other good dining establishments in Adelaide, they also have a great selection of wine and beer. They also serve the best coffee in the city. The venue is very spacious, with light fittings and glass decor to make you feel relaxed while satisfying your cravings for Italian food.


Chianti is a family-run trattoria or a traditional and less-formal Italian eating establishment that has provided the best Italian dishes in Adelaide for more than 30 years. They also have an excellent venue involving a ground floor restaurant and a pair of private dining rooms dedicated to intimate celebrations and parties. Chianti has arguably the best pasta in the city and is being complemented by an excellent wine list. Definitely a perfect place for a private sumptuous Italian dining experience.

San Giorgio

San Giorgio provides the best Italian dishes, including pasta, steaks, salads, and pizzas. They have a lot of options on their menu and are very affordable. Also impressive are the ambience and the family atmosphere, which will really make you feel relaxed while indulging in your favorite Italian food. The service staff are also very nice and helpful, which adds to the wonderful experience. Excellent food and a great atmosphere is always a great combination.