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A lot of people are saying that eating traditional Indian food is considered a healthy diet. It is because of the health benefits it brings to anyone. But more than the benefits, it’s the tradition, the fresh ingredients, the less usage of preservatives and artificial ingredients, and the spices put into the dishes that make it one of the best of all international cuisines that you can try in Adelaide. Fortunately, Adelaide is home to many top-rated Indian restaurants, which will make your cravings for Indian food delighted. We have listed five of these restaurants to visit if you are in Adelaide.

Beyond India

Beyond India is home to authentic and creative traditional food on this side of Australia. This curry house, established more than 20 years ago, is very popular with its large and open dining room. Whether you are looking for the spicy, exotic foods of the south or the different tandoori flavors of the north, this Indian restaurant will give you a delicious dining experience. The palace also has the best staff to attend to all your needs and give you a unique Indian food experience.

Drunken Monkey Indian Tapas Bar and Restaurant

This Indian restaurant will provide tasty and delicious Indian food and offer a laid-back place for you to relax at the same time. Drunken Monkey is a popular restaurant in Adelaide that offers the best traditional Indian cuisine while also serving innovative and exotic dishes to give the best culinary experience. Aside from having the best samosa and chicken dishes, their food also comes in very large portions. If you like Indian tapas and excellent table service, you have to try this restaurant when in town.

Raj or Taj Hyde Park

The Raj or Taj Hyde Park combines quality and value when it comes to providing traditional Indian dishes. They have a great selection of authentic Indian cuisine and a variety of other dishes as well. But what impressed me the most is their hospitable staff and their excellent service, which will make you feel welcome the moment you enter the establishment. If you are looking for a tasty samosa, authentic butter chicken, the best beef vindaloo, and other Indian food, then visiting Raj or Taj Hyde Park is a must when you are in Adelaide.


A great overall experience will await anyone dining in Rasooi, a cozy restaurant situated in an old villa. You will be amazed by the multiple rooms, the nice bar, and the great deck in the backyard. You will also enjoy the music playing in the background to complete the experience. But more than the ambience, you will also be amazed by the delicious and tasty authentic Indian food that will surely satisfy your longing for traditional Indian food. If you live in Adelaide or visit the place, you can get a dose of Indian cuisine with a great atmosphere by visiting Rasooi.

The Cinnamon Club Indian Cuisine

The Cinnamon Club Indian Cuisine combines excellent service and great food that will make you keep on coming back to this restaurant. They have the best and most authentic Indian food, such as the lamb mince and the unique dish of four varieties of vindaloos. There are also other options as they have an extensive list of food on their menu. Apart from the delicious food, you will also be amazed by the smell, the ambience, and the sounds in the background. If you happen to be in Adelaide, you can go to Norwood and enjoy a treat of delicious Indian cuisine with the Cinnamon club.