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Many parents want their children to learn ice skating because of the many benefits it brings to the child. This sport is excellent for the child’s cardiovascular health. It is also a sport that will give the child a perfect aerobic workout and helps improve body coordination and balance. More children are encouraged to learn the sport because of these benefits. If you are new to Brisbane or just visiting this beautiful place, we have listed five of the top ice skating establishments you can go to if you want to do ice skating.

Iceworld Boondall

Iceworld Boondall is one of the two Iceworld branches in Brisbane but caters mainly to the northern residents of Brisbane. Their Olympic-size ice skating is genuinely a must-visit if you are in Brisbane, as they offer public sessions daily while offering the best rate for your child. The cheap skate session is available every Tuesday, while the coffee skate sessions are every Tuesday and Wednesday. This company also offers additional amenities for their clients. The Ice Cafe provides coffee, hot chocolate, and other tasty snacks. The Ice World Skateshop sells clients the latest gear and accessories if clients need them.

Iceworld Acacia Ridge

This is the second branch from Iceworld serving in Brisbane and offering the same amenities as the other branch in Boondall. They also have an Olympic-size skating rink which offers public sessions every day. They also provide coffee skates every Tuesday and Thursday and cheap skates every Tuesday. This branch caters to the southern part of Brisbane residents and offers kid’s parties and skate school. They also have the Skate Shop and Iceworld Cafe to complete the ice skating experience.

The Winter Village

The Winter Village is a unique ice skating destination in Brisbane because its availability is only during the winter season. It is a must-see yearly event that converts Hamilton’s Northshore Riverfront into a magical Winterland destination. Apart from the ice-skating rink, the place offers various amenities such as snow showers, pop-up bars, food trucks, and the famous igloo village. The village provides several igloos that combine comfort and dining in one unforgettable experience. The Winter Village is truly a must-see event in Brisbane every year.


Located in the southern town of Caloundra, the Rollerdome is a skating center built for the whole family. This establishment offers public sessions throughout the week while featuring skate classes, parties, and other special events. The Rollerdome also features a skate shop for the benefit of the skaters. But what is unique about this ice skating center is it changes from roller skating to ice skating starting at the end of November until the end of January the following year. This will allow skaters to switch to ice skating during the summer.

Gold Coast Iceland

The Gold Coast Iceland is an excellent ice skating destination located in Bundall. They feature public sessions and also accept parties for the children. But this establishment is famous for its skate school, directed and coached by no less than Olympic figure skater and local legend Sharon Burley-Sullivan. In addition, kids can also learn to play ice hockey with all the gear needed. With all these amenities, you will have a great time playing with the kids on ice in Gold Coast Iceland.