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There is no better way to relax and eliminate stress and anxiety than to spend some time outdoors through hiking. Hiking is an excellent physical activity that will make you happy while energizing your spirit. Apart from the physical benefits, hiking clears and reduces stress while clearing all our minds from negative thoughts. With all of these benefits, you can visit five of the best hiking trail inside and near Brisbane using our recommendations below:

Mt Coot-tha

This hiking trail is accessible since it is only less than a 20-minute drive west of the Central Business District of Brisbane. Hiking on this trail will let you experience one of the most extensive natural areas in the city. This hiking trail also offers different types of walking tracks to choose from depending on your preference and fitness. There are also trails for off-road cycling and horse riding if you want a unique experience. This hiking trail also offers other amenities such as flora and fauna and a picnic area that will allow you to relax and enjoy after navigating all the challenges on the trail.

Springbrook National Park

The Springbrook National Park provides several hiking trails that will test your physical fitness and endurance while enjoying what nature has to offer. There are so many trails that you can choose depending on your preferred destination. There is the popular Natural Bridge Section that will let you see a natural rock bridge, waterfall, and cave surrounded by the rainforest of the Numinbah Valley. Other walking tracks like the springboard Plateau and the Mount Cougal Section will let you enjoy some of the most scenic features you can see on the trail.

Kondalilla Falls National Park

The Kondalilla Falls National Park trail will let you experience a beautiful landscape created by volcanoes and formed by water. This trail will take you to the top of the falls while going down to a beautiful rainforest which can be completed in about two hours. The national park will also let you see native animals such as platypus, wallabies, and many more. The place also offers short walking tracks and a picnic area complete with amenities such as toilet tables, barbecues, and other needs. This hiking trail is a complete way to enjoy outdoor exercise, while relaxing simultaneously.

D’Aguilar National Park

The D’Aguilar National Park Features various types of trails that will challenge your physical capabilities depending on your fitness. Their walking tracks are perfect for beginners and experienced hikers. The park also features other management tracks which can be used for biking, motorcycling, and even 4-wheel driving. But the best thing about the trail is the picnic area and the lookouts in the park as it offers an amazing view of Moreton Bay. This place is a fantastic place to hike while giving you the best form of relaxation.

Glasshouse Mountains National Park

The Glasshouse Mountain trail will challenge your fitness with its various walking tracks. Apart from the challenge presented by the Mount Ngungun Summit Walk, you can also try the Mount Beerwah view, which will let you walk in a eucalypt forest to an open grassed area and let you enjoy the scenic view of the Beerwah’s peak and its land formation. But the best experience should be in Mount Ngungun, as it will let you see the breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains while pushing your body to the limit for a two-hour hiking trip.