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Adelaide is home to its premium wine regions and colorful festivals. But this capital city of South Australia is also known for its incredible foods. This city is home to several international restaurants that can satisfy your cravings for international food flavours. In particular, the city of Adelaide has several top French restaurants and dining choices ready to provide you with food that is considered one of the world’s most prestigious and respectable cuisines. So, here are our choices for the top French restaurants in Adelaide.

Hey Jupiter Brasserie Francaise

This French restaurant combines tasty food and a festive atmosphere at the same time. Dining here will let you have a unique and incredible Paris experience while being served with authentic French food and an amazing wine list. Tasting their croquet, sweet French toast, and other authentic food will give you a pleasant French experience. It also helps that they have an excellent and smiling staff ready to serve you anytime along with their unique French accent. This restaurant is definitely a unique spot to visit in the city for your French food cravings.

Luigi Delicatessen

If a restaurant is owned and managed by someone born and raised in Naples, Italy, you will surely get the most authentic French cuisine you can find in Adelaide. The Luigi Delicatessen represents the owner’s love for food and considers the place as the extension of his home. But what is unique about this contemporary French restaurant is the fusion of food and entertainment to give every customer a unique experience that will not only make them full but also entertained. This dining place is accessible too since it is only a 3-minute walk from the Adelaide Central Market.

Delicatessen Kitchen and Bar

The Delicatessen Kitchen and Bar provide a comfortable and relaxing French bistro experience to anyone who wants to sample the various international cuisine options in Adelaide. You will find the place very simple and unassuming on the outside, but once you get inside, you will definitely keep on coming back. Their escargot, moules mariners, and steak sprites are a must-try. And their menu is mostly French-inspired as it shows the experience their resident chefs, Paul and Andy, gained throughout the years. And do not forget the bar and their selection of local wines. You will definitely have a good time in this hidden gem in the city.

La Buvette Drinkery

La Buvette offers a street-side dining experience just like what you see in the streets of Europe. It’s like experiencing the side streets of Paris in the heart of Adelaide. La Buvette Drinkery takes pride in its wine list, which is packed with French and local wines that will surely make wine lovers crazy. But this restaurant is not just about wines because their menu is also filled with French specialties and other international cuisines. If you are in Adelaide and want to experience a unique euro-style street dining experience, then La Buvette is an excellent destination.

Le Paris Plage

Great food and relaxation are what Le Paris Plage brings to the table with its customers. Their location is warm and cozy, making someone feel relaxed while indulging in their tasty and delicious food. But more than the ambience, the authentic French cuisine they served will make your visit truly memorable. Their perfectly cooked croissants, french crepes, and buckwheat pancakes are a must-try. You can also come here for their tasty coffee or tea. If you need some relaxation while in Adelaide, this restaurant is a go-to place to go to while enjoying some French cuisines.