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Most of us like to think that life will pass us by without any trouble. The unfortunate reality for most Australians is that this is quite often not the case. We often find that there is dispute to settle, a separation to legalize, or some other situation where you need legal representation. Matters that involve the family are no different. Below are what we thing are some of the best family lawyers in Perth. These are all well respected and reputable Australian legal firms who can assist you with any family law matters that you may have.

Holden Barlow Family Lawyers

As the name suggests, Holden Barlow is a Family Law firm. They have quite a reputation out there, as history shows. Starting from 1987, Michael Holden and John Barlow came together to assist the community with legal family matters. Couple problems, same-sex partnership issues, or any other family disputes are solved by the expert lawyers of Holden Barlow. Combined with the 40 years of experience of the lawyers, they are always ready to help you get through the dispute as smoothly as possible.

Beacon Family Law

Unsure about family rights? See how Bacon family law can assist you. Be it a divorce process, child custody, or property settlement. Beacon Family Law has the best lawyers to help you understand your position in the matter. They have their own way to assist you as they lead the accountable, affordable, and approachable strategy for the community of Perth. They are standing on the trust of people who had their complex cases sorted out through the Beacon family law firm.

Loukas Law

Don’t want to involve the court in your matter? Here you have the top-class expert lawyers for arbitration by Loukas Law firm in Perth. Loukas law is not just here to solve your divorces settlement of property, child custody, and other issues. But if you need them, they also offer complete counseling services to their clients. The team aims to see the bigger picture and consider every aspect of the problem to suggest the right and best possible legal solution to your problem.

Leach Legal

Adoption, surrogacy, divorce, separation, and a lot more are the specialties of Leach Legal. They will serve you with the best legal solution regarding the problem. Also, lawyers are trained to help you understand the rights and all kinds of perspectives and then act upon your choice. You can trust them with your matters as they have been serving Perth families since 2004 and have solved many complicated family cases till now.

Baily Family Law

Family issues require a lot of empathy; therefore, Bailey Family law promises to keep your privacy intact and ensure that matter is considered an emotional problem. They believe in treating their cases with focus, respect, and compassion. Your problem is their challenge, and no challenge is taken lightly by the team of lawyers at Baily Family law. You have a case of spousal maintenance or divorce or property. Just discuss, understand and work through to get the final good solution.