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Need to file for divorce? We understand it can be an incredibly stressful and emotional time. On top of that, with a plethora of Divorce Lawyers in Melbourne, choosing the right lawyer for you can feel daunting. Choosing the right Divorce Lawyer is quintessential as the process of filing for divorce and negotiating assets can be lengthy and you will want someone you trust and feel comfortable with by your side. With this in mind, we have created a helpful guide of some of the best Divorce Lawyers in Melbourne for you to peruse.

Swiftly Legal

Swiftly Legal are experts in Divorce Law, specifically the division of assets and property following separation. They deal with all aspects of Divorce Law such as De Facto separation, Divorce from marriages of any length, Divorces involving children, Divorces from foreign/ overseas marriages and complex divorce cases. Swiftly Legal strongly believe in providing accessible and affordable legal representation for all, particularly in divorce cases where one partner generally has more financial resources and greater power to sway the legal system in their favour.

Sayer Jones

Located in the centre of the city, Sayer Jones are specialists in Divorce Law and Family Law. Their team of lawyers assist with all aspects of divorce law including preparing and lodging your initial application, providing legal advice based on your situation and attending court either as representation on your behalf to ensure the divorce is approved without a hitch. Sayer Jones promises clients the best possible outcome for their case while keeping fees affordable and maintaining a high quality of client care throughout the process.

Carew Counsel

With a team of more than 16 divorce lawyers, paralegals and client service officers, Carew Counsel offer expert advice and legal representation across all areas of Divorce Law. All staff at their firm understand how stressful and emotional the process of filing for divorce can be and strive to reduce the emotional toll and help clients through their legal journey. Carew Counsel offer a free initial consultation to run prospective clients through the process, discuss any fees and provide advice based on individual circumstances.

Melbourne Law Studio

Melbourne Law Studio is committed to providing expert legal advice and representation that is accessible and affordable for the average Australian. They boast a team of down-to-earth divorce lawyers who assist in demystifying the divorce process and will provide clients with honest and direct advice on their cases. Melbourne Law Studio is a new-age boutique law firm founded on principles such as having a strong client-based focus, utilising new methodologies and technologies and being upfront about fees and success rates based on your individual circumstances.

Glezer Lanteri and Associates

Conveniently located in the city centre, Glezer Lanteri and Associates are experts in Divorce Law, collectively having more than 90 years of experience in the field. They assist with all kinds of divorce law cases such as pre-nuptials, de-facto separations, divorce involving children and complex divorce cases involving third parties and larger asset pools. Glezer Lanteri and Associates are strong believers in not only providing legal advice but providing holistic support and services such as mediation throughout what is often an incredibly challenging time in a person’s life.