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It’s never too late to pick up an old hobby, get back into shape, or learn something new—and with dance classes, you could do all three! Dance classes are a great way to get your body moving, meet new friends, and build your confidence in yourself. From salsa, to hiphop, to contemporary dance, there is an endless selection of dance classes offered in Sydney. Some even have virtual class options now, so you can dance to your heart’s content from anywhere!

Sydney Dance Company

Sydney Dance Company started as a dancing troupe and was founded in 1969. Through the years, Sydney Dance Company has been recognised as one of the premier dance companies and studios in Australia, garnering critical acclaim internationally for their incredible dancers and choreographers. Sydney Dance Company offers many classes that can be taken both in-studio or online, depending on your accessibility. While contemporary dance is what the Company is most known for, they also offer jazz classes as well as short intro courses for beginners.

Groove Therapy

Groove Therapy is an exciting new studio offering beginner adult dance classes in different street dance styles like hiphop, afrobeat, house, dancehall, and more. Their teachers have been trained in different kinds of styles, and like to incorporate their own flair to make it unique and accessible to beginner learners. Groove Therapy welcomes adults of all ages and all experience levels (although you might find it boring if you’re an advanced dancer already!), and gives adults a safe space to have fun, make mistakes, and learn something new!

Dance Central Sydney

Dance Central Sydney offers lessons for the primary and high school level, and is also open to conducting private group lessons for people who would like a more intimate way of getting into dance. Dance Central is a popular choice for people interested in dance workshops in a wide variety fo styles: ballet, Bollywood, hiphop, and more. All ages are welcome as students under Dance Central, from kids to teens to a group of adult friends; just make sure you book under the right category!

MOVE Dance Studios

MOVE Dance Studios is a little unique in that they call themselves a “boutique dance and fitness studio.” MOVE is a great choice for people who want a little more than just dancing instruction, and are looking for dance-based fitness to liven up their workout routines. Aric and Masha, the founders of MOVE, are joined by a team of highly-skilled instructors and choreographers that can help you shake things up with salsa, hiphop, barre, and more. You can even enrol in classes to prepare you for your wedding dance—the possibilities are endless!


CareToDance is an Australian household name when it comes to private and group dancing lessons. CareToDance has been providing dancing tutoring and private lessons in the Sydney area for years, and have amassed a loyal following of clients and referrals who love their highly-skilled and personable teachers, their personalised lessons and courses, as well as the access to their dancing network, giving students the opportunity to join social events with dancing and other activities to help them practise what they’ve been taught!