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When was the last time you dressed up for fun? A fancy tux, a sequined dress—or maybe something a little more adventurous, like a budding wizard or a fire-fighting femme fatale! Whether you have a big costume party to go to, or it’s Halloween, or you simply need a costume for a personal event, you can easily find something in one of the many costume shops in Canberra! If you find that your wardrobe is sparsely lacking in the creativity you need for the night, just hop on over to our picks of the best costume shops in Canberra below!

Sweet Apple Fancy Dress Hire

Sweet Apple Fancy Dress should definitely be on your list for your costume hunting mission! Sweet Apple is a proud Canberra local business, and has been in operation for over three decades—that’s a lot of time to amass a vast selection of costumes! Aside from clothing, Sweet Apple can also supply you with wigs, accessories, make-up, and anything you will need to complete your look. If you’re on a budget, the best part about Sweet Apple is that some items can be rented for a short period, so there’s no need to commit to buying a full ensemble—cost-effective, and eco-friendly!

Party Capital

Party Capital is one of the top party and costume shops to visit and shop at in Canberra. They have all your party and costume needs: decor like balloons or banners, and costume needs such as outfits, dresses, accessories and wigs, you’re sure to find it in their vast store inventory! You are guaranteed to leave with the materials and costumes you need, whether it’s for a bachelorette party, a sporting event, New Year, Halloween—the sky is the limit. If you’re more of an add-to-cart sort of shopper, good news because Party Capital also has an online store for convenience!

Just Clowning Around

Just Clowning Around started as a surprise gift back in 1991 between a group of friends and a handsome gorilla suit! Through the years, Just Clowning Around has become a well-loved invitee for children’s parties, birthday parties, promotions, and other functions around Canberra. While they are most popular for their “party ninja” services, Just Clowning Around also has great, high-quality costumes available for purchase in their shop. Their team is not doing costume rental at the moment, but hopes to resume offering that service in the future. In the meantime, Just Clowning Around will be around for your costume purchasing needs!

Quizzic Alley

Quizzic Alley is a special costume shop in Canberra; they carry solely Harry Potter-themed items! Quizzic Alley is proud to be the biggest shop offering authentic and high-quality Harry Potter merchandise, with everything from cloaks and wands, to hats, bags, banners, and more! Every Potterhead will be in magical heaven once they step into the doors of Quizzic Alley’s Canberra branch, where they can enjoy shopping and browsing books at their leisure. If your kids—or your spouses and friends, no judgement here!—want to fully immerse themselves in the Hogwarts spirit, best pay a visit to Quizzic Alley very soon!