Chinese Restaurants in Hobart

Chinese food remains one of the most popular ethnic cuisines in the world, and in Hobart, there are plenty of excellent restaurants on show. Whether you are after Peking style duck, Sichuan boiled beef, Mongolian lamb or Chongqing spicy chicken, the best Chinese restaurants in Hobart serve them up with aplomb. Presenting dishes that showcase varying cooking techniques and are full of flavour there are plenty of places you could head to for your next date night or family meal. These are some of the best of them.

AWU Delicious Food

If you want delicious Chinese food then AWU Delicious Food is definitely one of the best places to go. You’ll find it in Hunter Street, besides the historic and beautiful Sullivan’s cove. Established in 2009 it dishes up spectacular cuisine from the region of North China, with a particular focus on using natural ingredients and adopting traditional Chinese methods of cooking. They insist on using no food additives or MSG in their food. So you know the overall taste and quality will be good.

Hejo’s Chinese Restaurant

Located on Elizabeth Street, Hejo’s Chinese Restaurant is one of the best Chinese restaurants Hobart has to offer. Set within a relaxed space that features modern decor and a glass-fronted locale, the restaurant specialises in offering the most authentic, tastiest and freshest Chinese cuisine in the city. Each of their unique dishes is delicately prepared and plated by their Master Chef He, who has created a delightful menu inspired by the excellence of Tasmania’s outstanding local grown and sourced vegetables and fresh seafood.

Asian Gourmet on the Pier

Boasting a stunning location on the Elizabeth Street Pier, Asian Gourmet on the Pier is a down-to-earth restaurant that presents excellent Chinese cuisine. Boasting a fabulous outdoor seating arrangement that showcases superb water views, the restaurant is known for its delicious banquet options and classic pan-Asian meals. Always popular, some of their signature dishes include pan-fried pork buns, scallion pancakes, turnip cake and the seafood laksa. The restaurant is open every day except Tuesday and is known for having very friendly staff.

Mu Lan Restaurant

Another popular eatery on Elizabeth Street, Mu Lan Restaurant is definitely not a run of the mill Chinese restaurant. Specialising in the Sichuan and Shanghai-style of food, this intimate restaurant boasts a sleek interior and relaxed ambience. Using traditional Chinese ingredients that are combined with a modern western style of cooking, their menu features a great range of dishes. These include the likes of Peking style roasted duck’s breast and crispy Sichuan spicy chicken that is simply bursting with flavour.

Yummy Inn City

Over on Barrack Street in the heart of the CBD, Yummy Inn City is undoubtedly one of the best Chinese Restaurants Hobart has to offer. Priding themselves on being your local Chinese food expert, they ensure that quality is their main ingredient in every dish they serve. Known for providing outstanding food that is consistently excellent, their offerings include Chongqing spicy chicken, wonton with hot chilli sauce and Sichuan boiled beef. If you are game, you can even try the world’s hottest chilli pepper as well!