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So you have been given the task of planning bucks party ideas in Perth for one of your best mates. No doubt it is a thrill and honour, but it is also a challenge too. Of course you will want to organize something fun and exciting that you, the groom and your mates will remember for the rest of your lives. But you have to consider budgets, personalities and hobbies too. Thankfully the ideas below should appeal to all of your group and thus ensure a great time is had by everyone.


Go-karting is always good fun. So why not go there for at least some part of your bucks party? The kind of activity that appeals to all blokes, go-karting is equally attractive to the thrill-seeker as it is to those on a budget. In Perth, you will find one of the best operations at The Kart Center in Caning Vale. Their state-of-the-art facility has a circuit that accommodates karts that can travel up to 50kph. So you will be able to zip around the track feeling like Lewis Hamilton!

 Bucks Party Charter

How about hiring a boat? You could go all out and hire a private boat for yourself but why not go the extra mile and book a charter boat? With a charter boat, the company you go with will arrange a package for you which will include a destination where you can dock for a while and hang out. One of the best of all bucks party ideas in Perth, be sure to check out Swan Valley, which offers a fantastic experience that involves dining on the banks of Swan River.

A Brewery Tour

A buck’s party wouldn’t be a buck’s party without beer right? And whilst you can buy beer at any bottle-o, a much better idea is to go straight to the source. With Perth being one of the country’s leading craft beer centres, there are a number of wonderful breweries you can visit to try some new, exciting and refreshing beers. As well of course as a nice charcuterie board. Hidden Tours is a good starting point for those interested in this.

Go PaintBalling

Prior to the drinking activities of later in the day, what better way to kick start a buck’s party than by channelling your inner Rambo in the form of paintball. A very intense and thrilling way to send off the groom into wedding bliss, paintballing more often than not gets you out in the fresh air. You can also do cool things like storm forts and try and steal the enemy’s flag, which is guaranteed to get the juices flowing.

Deep-Sea Fishing

If paintballing is too high octane for you how about something more relaxing like deep-sea fishing? One of the best bucks party ideas in Perth, it offers a great opportunity to get in one last session with the boys before the groom gets tied to the ball and chain. Deep-sea fishing also takes you out into beautiful locations where you can attempt to catch some of the biggest fish you will ever see. In Perth, Blue Juice Charters offers some outstanding trips including to Rottnest Island and the Abrolhos Islands. You can even try night fishing too!