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Is there any companion out there as trustworthy, magical, and reliable as a book? Books are a staple of our society, providing everything from entertainment, to information, history preservation, and more. If you’re a self-proclaimed bookworm, you’re in luck, because there are so many incredible book stores in Canberra that definitely merit a visit! Bargain hunters, rare book seekers, educators, and even book-loving children will be able to find their own little nook and a book store that they can frequent again and again from the amazing shops we’ve listed below! Time to grab your bookmarks, and check them out!

Paperchain Bookstore

Paperchain Bookstore is a cornerstone for all book shops in Canberra. Established in 1982, Paperchain Bookstore continues to be the leading and most popular independent bookstore in Canberra, having stocked thousands upon thousands of books throughout the years. The selection at Paperchain Bookstore is as diverse as one can imagine for books, so you’re sure to find the read that you want, or need! Don’t see it stocked? Don’t worry, because Paperchain Bookstore also offers a convenient order service. As long as the book is in print, the staff at Paperchain will do their best to get it to you!

Canty’s Bookshop

Canty’s Bookshop boasts of a sprawling mass of well-stocked bookshelves, with a total of almost 1.2 kilometers of shelves and books that you can browse to your heart’s content! Canty’s Bookshop is one of the best secondhand and remainder book stores in Canberra, offering thousands of books in very good condition at prices that make it so you have no excuse to not get a new book at least every week! The family staff of Canty’s Bookshop are loving custodians of every book that passes through them, which is why it’s easy to understand the community’s love for Canty’s!

The Book Cow

The Book Cow is one of Canberra’s fresh faces when it comes to book stores. They are new to the scene, but have quickly become beloved by the community, especially among young kids and their parents! As a specialist children’s book store, The Book Cow proudly stocks local and Australian books for kids of all ages, and of course also includes in their selection the best of overseas children’s books. The Book Cow makes book-buying convenient for their customers by offering an online shopping option if you might not have the time to pay a visit to their physical store.

Book Lore

Book Lore is a whimsical book store in Canberra that specialises in second-hand books looking for new homes! The shop is an independent bookstore that has almost 20,000 second-hand books stocked, with topics like trains, biographies, history books, beekeeping, fairytale books, and more! Book Lore expertly curates the stock that they receive, and you can be sure they’ll help you find the kind of book you’re looking for. The book shop is open seven days a week and will often update customers on new stocks on their Facebook page. They will also buy books on occasion—just call ahead!