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Cycling has become more and more popular over the past few years among the young and old. It’s a low-cost and eco-friendly mode of transportation, a great way to exercise and keep fit; plus, bike and cycling groups are a nice way to meet new friends! To get you started (or to get you back on track!), pay a visit to one of these bike shops in Canberra! Whether it’s for equipment, parts, accessories, or bike maintenance and repair services, a good bike shop will be able to help you with those things and get you cycling in no time!


Rideshop has been a mainstay in the Canberra bike community for over 20 years. A family-owned and locally-grown business, Rideshop is much loved for its great customer service and the passionate staff that are always eager to help out every cyclist that comes through their doors. They are always ready with their expert advice to help you pick out your next ride. Aside from selling built bikes, accessories, and specialty bike equipment, Rideshop also offers bike repairs and bike fittings, making them a one-stop shop for anyone whose bike—or biking outfit!—needs some sprucing up, repairing, or a complete overhaul!

Lonsdale Street Cyclery

Anyone who wants to get into biking and cycling should stop by Lonsdale Street Cyclery at least once! Located in the heart of Canberra, Lonsdale Street Cyclery is a family-owned bike shop that has been operating since 2003. Lonsdale Street Cyclery doesn’t discriminate; bikers of all levels, types, and set-ups are welcome in their shop—from daily commuter bikers, “bike packers,” to specialised cyclists like mountain bikers and e-bikers. The shop sells bike fittings for custom builds, services issues you might have with your bike, and can also help you upgrade your parts according to your needs or changing bike interests!

Goodspeed Bicycle Company

Goodspeed Bicycle Company is a bike shop in Canberra owned by a quad of brothers who are absolutely passionate about bikes, cycling, and building the two-wheelers that will get you hooked on the same things too! The Goodspeed Bicycle Company is a little different from other bike shops in that they sell their own bike frames. These bikes are all locally-made: from design, to manufacturing, and finally to assemblings, the brothers at Goodspeed Bicycle Company oversee them all. They value craftsmanship and impeccable design over quick trends, and they put a lot of soul into each bike they put out.

Kingston Foreshore Cycles

Kingston Foreshore Cycles is proudly family-owned bike shop in Canberra that takes prime spot in the mountain biking, elite road cycling, and bike packing niche of the cycling scene in the area. Kingston Foreshore Cycles offers three types of services: repairs (where no repair is “too small”), retail, and general service maintenance. Whether you need something as simple as a cable installation, need a whole new bike to explore ACT with, or you simply want to make sure your trusty two-wheeler that takes you to school and back still runs smoothly, you can trust Kington to take care of you!