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When you hear about axe throwing, you will probably think first about fighting with your enemy or protecting yourself from attacks. But axe throwing is a sport and a recreational activity that brings substantial benefits to the body. This activity brings excitement and an adrenaline rush to anyone who wants to do it. It is also a stress-relieving activity that will relieve all the tensions in the body. So, if you are living in Brisbane or visiting this beautiful place, you can participate and experience this unique sport. We have listed two companies in the area to let you experience this fantastic sport.

Maniax Axe Throwing

Accessibility is what this urban axe throwing company provides to its customers. Located strategically in Newstead, they are just a 15-minute walk from the nearest train station and an 8-minute walk from the nearest bus stop. This company which has been serving since 2014, is also very convenient to reach if you are using your car with timed-ticketed parks surrounding the establishment. And the best thing about it is that they are open seven days a week, ensuring that you can find a convenient time that will fit your schedule.

Apart from the amenities mentioned, this company will ensure that you will have a spectacular time throwing the axe. They also offer alcoholic beverages legally to maximize your stay. Axe throwing plus alcohol sounds like a perfect combination, right? Alcohol can make you relax while you are throwing the axe simultaneously. The establishment also offers pizza and other snacks like chocolate bars, chips, and some non-alcoholic drinks. Moreover, if you are hungry and want to eat in a standard setting, you can quickly go outside to the nearest restaurant. The Maniax Axe Throwing in Brisbane will ensure that your experience will be exceptional while enjoying this one-of-a-kind sport.

Lumber Punks

The Lumber Punks Axe Throwing takes pride as the biggest axe-throwing establishment in Brisbane. With its massive size, the company can accommodate various numbers of people in a party setting or even corporate events. The venue is so big that they offer other activities apart from the unique axe throwing experience. You can also enjoy playing retro pinball machines and arcade games. There are also lounge rooms and onsite parking for the benefit of their customers. To maximize your experience, they have also partnered with other businesses so that a customer can avail of discounts on any service they provide inside the venue.

While you are throwing the axe, you can also maximize the experience by availing of all the food, beverage, and refreshments they offer. They also offer ciders, non-alcoholic beers, and snack items such as nuts, chips, and chocolate. Unfortunately, they do not provide alcoholic beverages. This company prioritizes safety to make your experience worthwhile, especially for newbies or first-timers. They have made a rule that makes the venue fun and safe for all the guests. First, they hired experienced instructors to assist clients and give proper training before they plunge into action. They are also very strict in implementing the rules, which will require a legal guardian for anyone who is minor before they can throw the axe. Overall, this company is an excellent venue to experience the sport safely while you are in Brisbane.