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If you think visiting art galleries is dull, think again. It is fun and provides a unique experience to anyone, especially those people who love art. Art Galleries also is an excellent alternative for people to relax and remove all the anxiety they feel. It is also one way to support the less-known artists and appreciate their works of art. In Brisbane, there are several art galleries that you can go to, and we have listed five of the best galleries you can visit.

Museum of Brisbane

The Museum of Brisbane is arguably the best place to experience arts and culture simultaneously. The establishment is home to the past, present, and future of what local artists of Brisbane can share in relation to their artworks. But more importantly, the Museum of Brisbane focuses its art gallery and exhibitions on celebrating the authenticity of the Aboriginal and Torress Strait Islanders and their cultures through arts and imagery. The art gallery in the museum is a must-visit when you are in Brisbane for you to learn more about the aboriginal and indigenous people.

QUT Art Museum

If you like to see the arts of today’s artists, then going to that QUT Art Museum should be a priority when you are in Brisbane. The museum focuses on exhibitions of contemporary artists to showcase their arts of the present day. The museum is also the home of the QUT art collection which comprises more than 3000 objects such as paintings, ceramics, sculptures, and other works on paper, with all works mostly done by Australian artists. Be amazed and embrace contemporary arts by visiting the QUT art museum.

Children’s Art Centre

Bringing your kids to an art gallery will be fun and educational. If you are in Brisbane and want your kids to appreciate works of art especially dedicated to them, then going to the Children’s Art Centre will be a unique experience for your family. The art center works with artists to create unique and exciting activities and programs dedicated to the kids. Located in a state-of-the-art and purpose-built activity center, the Children’s Art Center will let your kids learn arts while enjoying having fun at the same time.

The University of Queensland Art Museum

The University of Queensland Art Museum features an art exhibition and a museum simultaneously. Located in the heart of the university, this place is perfect for contemporary and progressive art enthusiasts. The museum also provides public programs and free exhibitions that aim to appreciate the work of arts to every artist and to be an excellent resource for teaching and learning. This establishment is also the home of one of the most public art collections in the city, The University of Queensland Art Collection, making it a must-visit while in Brisbane.

Griffith University Art Museum

The Griffith University Art Museum is a free public art gallery that focuses on contemporary arts and historical perspectives. Since they are located inside the University, all of their activities are designed for research, experimentation, and educational purposes. Since this art gallery is located in one of the nation’s oldest art schools, it is expected that you will learn while appreciating what art has to offer to yourself and humanity.