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Buying antiques has become more and more popular in the past years. There are many reasons why people have become drawn to the antique market: it can be a unique and cost-effective way to add some style to your life (whether it’s furniture, jewellery, or clothing), and it’s sustainable and eco-friendly. If you are on the hunt for antique shops in Canberra, you’ve come to the right place! Especially for first-time buyers, finding a good antique dealer can be daunting, so we’ve put together a list of the best ones in the area to help you get started on your creative journey!

Canberra Antiques Centre

Canberra Antiques Centre is one of the most popular antique shops in the city. Founded and opened in 2003, Canberra Antiques Centre has grown its floor space to over 500 square metres through the years, hosting a variety of antique items from quality furniture, Australian antique items (pottery, postcards, and other homegrown trinkets), art pieces such as posters and prints, kitchen items, clothing and accessories—to name a few! Canberra Antiques Centre proudly encourages both young and old to discover the magic of antique items by ensuring their shop looks inviting, clean, and welcoming to every person who visits their shop.

Fox Antiques

Fox Antiques is known for specialising in beautiful antique furniture. Their most popular items are antique French furniture and decor, all restored in incredible condition and ready to display in your very own home. The current operator of Fox Antiques, Charles Alliott, also keeps a selection of carefully-chosen Australian and European artwork, such as paintings, which are available for purchase along with the antique furniture that is imported directly from France. While some antique shops get a bad reputation for being dusty and dingy, Fox Antiques goes above and beyond to give you a pleasant shopping experience in their showroom.

Down Memory Lane

Down Memory Lane is a well-loved and homegrown Canberra business that has been family-run and operated for nearly two decades. Down Memory Lane is a favourite among Canberra locals for their incredible array of antique items ranging from crockery and kitchenware, jewellery and clothing, furniture and light fixtures, cameras and tools, old music records, and more. Their customer service aims to please and nearly every customer becomes a repeat customer of the shop. The items sold never look unkempt or pitiful, but are clean, polished, and look well-cared for—which is always a welcome delight for every antique lover out there!

Dirty Janes Canberra

Dirty Janes Canberra is a trye icon among Australian antique lovers and bargain hunters. Founded by the fun-loving father-and-daughter duo Athol Salter and Jane Crowley (and Jane’s husband, Bob), Dirty Janes is a wildly successful antique shop that has several locations across Australia. The Canberra shop has been touted as a haven for vintage collectors and all sorts of creatives looking for something unique and unusual to bring into their lives and homes. From antique platters, breathtaking sculptures, charming furniture and other collectibles, it’s guaranteed that you will be walking out of their store with your arms and heart full!